Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Motorcycle - Motorbike flat battery jump start battery boost pack ( portable , small )

Just bought an excellent and portable battery jump back , its real small so easy to take with you on a trip and it goes under tank just about to give you room to jump start the bike .

It also jumped my BMW car too so its very powerful .

Connect jump leads to the machine and first connect Positive cable to battery  + terminal then connect the negative to the - terminal , the machine will then self test to see if everything is safe to release power and will power up the green light .

its now providing power to boost the battery .

see video below of this in operation 


  1. I have a YBR which died on me not long after changing the oil and now it won't start. It's been taken to the mechanics who've tested the spark, the compression and changed the fuel pump bit of the injector but they can't work out what's wrong with it.

    Would you have any idea what other issues it could have? It will turn over but won't actually start.

    If you could reply to my email adress it would be great:

  2. Your mechanic is not that good , you only change fuel pump when pressure is too low after testing it , if he did this he would then test after to make sure pressure was correct .

    You need to test for a good spark if it sparks and jumps a good gap via testing then move on to fuel either pressure or one of the components the fuel system use to calculate timing and duration of injector . All these components can be tested and all tests are in this blog , don't guess test unlike you mechanic lol .

    A compression test should also be done to eliminate mechanical damage inside engine

    1. Ok. Thanks for that. The mechanic said there was a spark and compression. They changed this bit:

      If I just replaced the entire fuel pump. This thing, then would that sort out any injector timing issues:

  3. ok well mechanic was not too bad , but he should have confirmed the fuel pressure after fitting .

    its possible the fuel pump he fitted was faulty or even he failed to seal the unit properly of fitting ( ive done this myself ) but without the pressure test i dont know sorry .

    If it was me id test pressure first as more parts are expensive and part changing rather than testing is not good .

    but like i say mechanic should of tested fuel pressure prior to and after fitting pump .

    1. you could test injector as per this blog and other the sensors eliminating them all and leaving only fuel pump so its an educated guess but if it was me id do a 10 second test of fuel pressure .