Thursday, 31 July 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 blog Update 1/7/14

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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Not really an interesting post this one

i know this aint the best blog , but try my best .

plans for future are start on bodywork ie wheel removal , tyre changing , brake set up and bleeding 
, ill be finishing off any posts ive got ongoing at the minute .

these are my plans anyway.

just got some new tools in as well always nice to get new tools in .

a cheap chinese 3 phase electric compressor 

and a used motorcycle ramp which needed new seal fitting .

not the best i know these should make life easier , next some airtools !! would not mind a complete teng tools set  up too but bit out of my price range at the moment £3000 but nice to be that organised.

oh and also a set of Draper Expert screwdrivers after my stanley screwdrivers which were excellent eventually been worn or lost  , drapers arrived few days and im well please with them , real good value for money never going to be as good as these Snap On screwdrivers  , ive held the snap on screwdrivers and they feel real nice to use but £120 plus for a set of screwdriver is out of my range at the moment .

my old stanley set 20 piece screwdriver set excellent screwdrivers id recommend
just fancied a change myself plus the drapers are a bit cheaper .


ultimate in screwdriver Snap on , my car cost me £250 these are almost 
half the price of my car , ok my car is probably one of the worst cars around and the oldest  ,but still these are very expensive screwdrivers .

beware if you hold one you will forever need  and want them.


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