Friday, 1 August 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 cleaning engine oil gauze / filter , engine in the bike ( remove footpeg , engine clutch side covers )

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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i just got a YBR 125 engine in cheap ,  i fitted into my frame to test it and all works excellent until you select the gears , for some reason it will select and ride in 1st and 3rd but no other gears .

im  going to have to remove the engine and split , but out of desperation im going to remove the side cover and have a look inside engine whilst bike is still fitted , i know it will achieve nothing but
after fitting engine i gotta at least look .

so thought id take a few pics of getting into this side cover with engine fitted .

i just bought this motorcycle ramp and im not used to it i keep working with it on the floor
and forgeting i can lift the bike up to me doh !!

had a bit of a problem i bust one of the starter fixing bolts which is not good , ill have to
extract the bolt remainds somehow ( ahhh!!) , i wish people would use grease or copper slip or something on there bikes !! .

                                          copper slip use it buy on ebay here

that it not much to it but worth doing in my opinion 

if anyones interested the gearbox fault could of been the selector spring , or least i hope it is 
its possible the spring broke after initial fault on gearbox .

ill build back up and test if not engine out strip and rebuild  

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