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Yamaha YBR 125 Ignition coil testing

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Yamaha YBR 125 Ignition coil testing

testing the Yamaha YBR 125  igniton coil .

you can test primary side of coil the 2 small connectors that have the spade conntection fittings it should be 2.15~2.64 ohms .

if this is ok its likely you need to replace coil or spark plug , lead or cap .

obviously check or even better replace lead/cap/plug

this is presuming you have power coming to the primary side of the igniton coil .

to test this use a Voltage meter or Probe to test for voltage coming in , i use my Snap on probe
which is one of only 4 snap on tools i own , and its supurb in fact all the snap on tool i own are
will have to get more one day .

testing primary side of ignition for voltage signal .

                                     connect probe to a good earth
                                       locate primary coil side connector
                           it should flash if turned over slowly and is a steady light is running

testing secondary side of coil with multimeter

Must have electrical tools

12v circuit tester mines snap on but hard to find in uk
click here for any on ebay  now .

Kewtech multimeter , there are better and worse .

this has always done everything ive asked of it and would recommend them , you can get a lot cheaper .

see here on Ebay UK

Power Probe , dont use that often but an excellent tool when needed

mine is a cheaper version this one here in ebay uk 

you can get Snap On Powerprobe which is excellent if you can afford it it see them here on ebay uk 

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