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Yamaha YBR 125 Throttle position / intake air temp and pressure sensors

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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Yamaha YBR 125 Throttle position / intake air temp and pressure sensors

all three of these functions are read by the same throttle body unit .

throttle body assembly 5 pin connector 
connectors left to right as photoed
V T G M A 

these are so easy to test with the FI diagnostics tester , bit more complicated without so here goes .

For more detailed explanation try the Haynes workshop manual as im doing this from memory

Intake air pressure sensor  

Fault code 13 faulty wiring ,  damaged sensor , faulty ecu

This is a part of the above sensor , first check all wiring , turn on igniton and then test voltage at the
+ positive Pink / white wire , - negative black / blue wire . The voltage should be between 3.75 and 4.25 volts .   if this is not correct change the sensor , if still not rectified try replacement ecu .

 Intake air pressure sensor  

 Fault code 14 blockage or ecu failure

clean out the hole to the sensor to make sure air flows as it should or replace sensor , or replace ecu if this fails   .

Intake Air temperature sensor 

Check all wiring to the sensor is always a good start , clean out with contact cleaner 
and retry .

Using K-ohms scale , + probe to brown/white wire , neg proge to the black / blue and test resistence 
measurement , 

should be values of 2007-09 models 2.4 ~ 2.9 K-ohms 
and 2010 on 5.7~6.4 K-ohms .

TPS throttle position sensor 

Check all wiring fist and clean conectors , it does work , sometimes .

Set multimeter to volts , + positive probe to blue wire , voltage should be 5 volts .

to check the output voltage range , + positive to Yellow/blue wire , - negative to Black/blue wire
 voltage closed should be 0.63~0.73 volts , and should increase in voltage as throttle is  slowly opened to fully open position .

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injectors , throttle body / position sensor , fast idle solenoid  .     

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