Monday, 4 August 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 pre mot check pass mot first time .

Yamaha YBR 125 pre mot check

mot pre check list

i cant really tell you how to do a thorough mot check there is quite a bit to it mostly common sense , but ill tell you what id do before an mot , i rarely have a failure , ive always done below get the obvious done , if the mot instructor get his pen out for something silly , you've had it .

in no paticular order

check for general play , wear , damage and correct adjustment :
check tyres for tread , inflation and obvious damage .
check chain lubrication and slackness .
check sprocket for wear
check cush drive for play (my mot tester has a thing for this )
check rear and front brake pads and measure discs and top up brake fluids
and then check brake operation
check wheel bearings for play
check exhaust system over for leaks , holes etc
check forks over for damage . bending or pitting to chrome
check forks for correct operation
check fork seals for wear / leakage
check rear shock for leaks and any play
check all indicators and bulbs are working
check number plate for damage and reflector present
check free operation of steering
check steering head bearings for play
check speedo and clocks all work and illuminate
check all switch gear
no obvious leaks anywhere over the bike ?
runs and idles well
give it a thorough clean (id not like to mot a filthy bike)
make sure all cables etc are adjusted correctly

generally clean and tidy overall well maintained bikes pass more easily
which is obvious but it surprises me the state of some bikes in mot stations .

Yamaha YBR 125 pre mot check pass mot first time

err thats all i can think of right now , if or when i think of more ill
update motorbikes are very easy to mot , if you can add more please let me know

you can find a full genuine VOSA mot check list here

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