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Yamaha YBR 125 electrical system , wiring diagrams and components .

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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Yamaha YBR 125 wiring and electrical post .

battery - 12v 6ah

headlight bulb - 35/35w
sidelight bulb - 5w
brake light bulb - 21/5w
plate light bulb - 5w
indicator bulb - 10w
clocks bulbs - 1.7w

15a fuse

yamaha ybr 125 charging system resistance figures

stator coil - 0.6~0.95(05~06) 2007-on (0.45~0.67)
regulated volts - 13.7~14.7
0.1ma max volt leakage

yamaha ybr fuel level sender unit resistance figures

full - 4~10 ohms
empty - 90~100 ohms

injection system resistance figures

crank position sensor  - 248 ~ 372 ohms @ 20 degrees C
engine temp sensor - @ 20 degree C~2.5-2.8 ohms - @ 100 degrees C~210-221 ohms
fast idle solenoid - 31.5~38.5 : 25 degrees C
intake air pressure sensor  output voltage - 3.75~4.25V
intake air temp sensor resistance - 2007-2009 2.4 to 2.9 k-ohms 2010 on 5.7 to 6.3 k-ohms
throttle position sensor input voltage 5v  output throttle closed 0.63-0.73v
tip over sensor voltage output - upright 0.4-1.4 ~ 65degree angle 3.7-4.4v

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yamaha ybr 125 wiring diagram
yamaha ybr 125  wiring diagram

yamaha ybr 125  wiring diagram
yamaha ybr 125 2007 wiring diagram 
see this diagram larger here

and see below key to above diagram larger here

some photos off my latest Yamaha YBR 125 - ill update soon with id of parts and wires .


cdi unit 3d900 

On the left hand side under battery cover you have the solonoid ( brass ) with fuse , if you have a failure to turn bike over it could be this , flasher unit ( black ) , and headlamp relay ( white )

                                                               front headlamp loom

Test battery at the negative and positive terminals 

If you have a voltage meter you can do some basic tests.
When the engine has been off for at least 1-2 hours with ignition key turned off,
100% Charged 12.60 to 12.8v
75% Charged 12.4v
50% Charged 12.1v
25% Charged 11.9v
0% Charged less than 11.8v


heres some excellent motorcycle electrical test videos .

                                                              Charging system testing

                                                          No spark situation testing

Must have electrical tool

12v circuit tester mines snap on but hard to find in uk
click here for any on ebay  now .

Kewtech multimeter , there are better and worse .

this has always done everything ive asked of it and would recommend them , you can get a lot cheaper .

see here on Ebay UK

Power Probe , dont use that often but an excellent tool when needed

mine is a cheaper version this one here in ebay uk 

you can get Snap On Powerprobe which is excellent if you can afford it it see them here on ebay uk 

My ratchet electrical connector crimps , i paid a lot of money for these when i  worked as an electrician but still paying for themselves
now 10 yrs later

cant find this model but heres some on ebay  a lot cheaper these days

thats about it for interesting electrical tools i own , got any recommendations send a comment below .

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