Friday, 6 June 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 Diagnostic Fault codes

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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                                             Fault codes can be read on  the dashboard but
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Fault codes are stored on the ECU , these will be shown via the engine fault light on the dash board
as a series of flashes of the light .

The engine management light will come on for 3 secs every time you start the bike , if the light does not come on replace the bulb at rear of clocks .

Codes are all 2 digit numbers , the first number will be read by long flashes of the light , the second
number of the code with be in short flashes of the light .

Fault code 12 - Crankshaft position sensor

Fault code 13 - Intake air pressure sensor

Fault code 14 - Intake air pressure sensor

Fault code 15 - Throttle position sensor

Fault code 16 - TPS

Fault code 19 - No signal from ignition to ecu

Fault code 22 - Intake air temp sensor

Fault code 28 - Engine temp sensor

Fault code 30 - Tip over sensor

Fault code 33 - Igniton coil

Fault code 39 - Fuel injector

Fault code 41 - Tip over sensor

Fault code 44 - Read write error ECU

Fault code 46 - Power supply error to FI system

Fault code  50 - Ecu malfunction

Fault code  51 - Diagnosis cooling fan motor relay

Fault code  52 - relay diagnostics lamp head light

Yamaha YBR 125 how to read a fault code

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  1. Hi I have an engine fault but I can't work out which code it is - the engine light comes on for 3 seconds then it turns off and all the electrics too,,,

    1. Error code 19 is a problem between the ignition switch and the ECU. Had this recently on my YBR, in most cases its a faulty ignition barrel, so try wiggling the key into different positions before starting to see if this is the problem. It tends to occur in winter where there's lot of condensation or rain in the barrel. For a quick fix, try squirting switch cleaner into the keyhole and letting it settle for 5 mins, then try again.

  2. I got 1 long flash then 9 short flashes anyone know what that is ?

    1. Hi Did you ever ressolve this as I have the same fault...1 long then 9 short...thanks

    2. Lots of reports of 19 - are usually faulty ignition or in winter condesation and frost etc destroying contacts .

      Some reports say WD40 and turning key on and of a few time to bclan out worked otherwsie replacement igntion barrel after checking wiring underneath .

  3. what does error code 51 stand for

    1. Its seems this one is a problem with cooling fan relay so quite serious really .

  4. error code 19 thats what iv'e had happening ,i'll give a squirt of switch cleaner

  5. I have 5 slow and 5 fast my bike isnt starting using electric thinking maybe something to do with battery or alternator ?

  6. Please help. When I turn on the key and pressed the engine switch to on my engine management light won't turn on. Please help. Xtz125 same engine for ybr125

  7. hi i have 3 long and 9 short but no spark

  8. I had a problem with my YBR... The engine light went on 3 times long and then nothing and then again 3 times long...

    Wich gives you the code: 3 - 0 --> 30
    30 means= tipped over sensor! Look at your tail, there is a sensor that must be up (it's written on it). This fixed my engine light problem and my bike started again like before! Hope this helps anyone in the future!