Monday, 9 June 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 Oil Pump Test < warning - oil pump failure engine seizure

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Im having a lot of engines in seized and im not sure why , maybe bad oil maybe old thin oil .

maybe running oil to low for pump to circulate , maybe i dont know !! .

or maybe its just coincidence .

heres a test to see if oil is circulating to the top of engine , do it regular and check oil levels 
regular as well , and change oils as per manual .

you need a 10mm spanner , thats it ! .

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  1. It's mostly because the oil strainer being a pig of a thing to clean / replace due to its location under the clutch cover gets neglected. Even seen bikes with full dealer service history get left to starve of oil as it's more work than the average guy can be bothered with.

    1. thanks for input , its definately worth changing / cleaning regular .