Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 blog valve clearance adjustment tappets

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Just done a tappets adjustment on and engine i have removed , ill be fitting the engine soon so ill take some photos of this as i go along .

this ids a very easy job with engine out or in .

make sure you change the o-rings you might get away with it but more often than not no and oil will leak
especially around the cam sprocket cover and drip onto exhaust causing excess smoke .

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                                                            remove inspection covers ( 24mm)

change all O-rings 

                                                                   remove plastic inspection covers
                                                                   use a good fitting tool to avoid damage to
                                                                   them .
                                                remove camshaft sprocket cover
                                                          change this O-ring otherwise this leaks
                                                          directly onto exhaust

                                       turn engine over anti clockwise with crank nut ( 17mm)
                                                make sure piston is at top dead centre and marks are aligned on the
                                                srpocket ( white marks ) ive painted them white but manufacturer markings
                                                are easy to see

make sure lower marks are aligned buy viwing in inspection window

then make sure you have free play in both rocker arm 
to ensure you are a TDC on compression stroke (valves closed )

                                                      check clearance gap is with above specs
                                                               adjust where neccessary

easy now just check every thing is tightened to specs and turn engine over a couple of times 
make sure things go smooth and fit inspection covers changing orings .

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  1. Hi all iv ybr125 that iv fitted a big bore kit to (150cc) at same time fitted new crank bearings the problem iv got is when the engine is reved to 21.000 the engin locks up but not seized will restart as if nothing happened at tick over no noise at all bangs or rattles all up rev range over 21.000 great n9 bangs or rattles can anyone help michael