Saturday, 23 August 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 Fuel pump repair < replace internal fuel pump unit

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New in Just found an excellent site to buy these pumps direct from china Click HERE for details

ive been asked many times to do this but i have not come across one since to do a post on it  .

As soon as i get a faulty one ill repair and do a post at same time .

in mean time , have a go yourself it not too difficult main things to watch are not to break lugs of main body and to ensure a good tight fit to the hose on the fuel pump body and to make sure you fit the internal Oring
correctly .

you can buy the pumps off amazon uk  , these are the same as i use and ive done many , and never had a problemwith these , tell a lie i did have problems to begin with but all my fault as explained above , make sure body fits tight and O-ring is fitted correctly , use jubilee clip to secure main body together and finally make sure you fit the hose tight and secure , if you fail on these the bike will not hold enough pressure in the fuel system and will run rough or not at all .

here are the pumps i use i bought a lot of them from chinese supplier after first buying 5 and testing
and these are best i could find out there and we set the kit up it included replacement hose and clips , main body jubliee clip and filter .

Yamaha YBR 125 parts in the USA 

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