Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 gearbox problems , wont go into gear will not select gears .

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Ive had a few YBR 125 come to me and they are difficult to change gear , on a lot of the bikes it was the internal spring on the selector shaft .

on some it was the clutch adjustment , worn clutches or old/incorrect oil being used .

ive just done a search and it seems to be a common problem , ill keep looking for an answer .

but heres common causes of gearbox problems  .

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Does not go into gear , lever not turning .

- clutch not disengaging ( see clutch post here )
-selector fork bent or not moving siezed ( when dropped or bad/wrong oil )
-gear stuch on input/outputshafts ( can be caused by dropping/oil/wear)
-selector drum binding (causes wear / or lubrication )
-gear change lever spring weak or broken ( main cause ive come across so far )
-gear change lever  broken or splines worn
-selector drum stopper arm or arm spring  broken/worn

jumps out of gear 

-selector forks work 
-gears work 
-gear dogs or slots worn/damaged

i keep researching on this and add more as i find more out .

if you aint got one get one the haynes Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual 

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