Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Yamaha YBR 125 How to test motorcycle relays

Testing a starter relay is quite easy.

basic equipment needed is 12v battery with 2 x wire i use crocodile clips .

you can also use a small test bulb as well .

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or you can invest in good and safer tool like the 12v powerprobe and 
snap of test light probe i bought and are excellent .

i always have a fully charged 12cv battery with crocodiles knocking about it saves loads of hassle 

The relay , the small terminals are what connect to your starter button and 
carry a lot less current .

the larger terminals are connected direct from battery to the starter motor so 
need larger wires to carry the massive starting currents .

Im using the powerprobe here as its safer but you can just as easily 
connect the 12v negative to one side and tap the positive on the other side 

you should hear a click as you touch the positive and remove it .

You can go a step further and add a test light to it and confirm current it 
going throught the secondary circuit .

to test with a lamp you need to connect one end on test light curcuit to 
battery positive and the to one of the relays larger terminals 
and then use another cable from second larger terminal to negative of battery 
ill do basic circuit diagrams at bottom of page .

Now when you put power to the smaller terminals it should click but also 
the light should flash on and off as you tap power .

OK not the best , never have been very good with Windows Paint 

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