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Yamaha YBR 125 Pre ride checks

Yahama YBR 125 2005 - technical specs

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manuals on Ebay UK

things to check before you take your Yamaha YBR 125  out for a ride .

ok so i do not do this myself every time tbh , i should but i am pretty sure my bike is in very good overall mechanical condition , but if you have a long journey or use you bike everyday for commuting it might be wise to check you bike regular .
or even after a long holiday when its not been used often .

Start engine and let it idle for 2-3 minutes .

Check oil level  - do not screw in dipstick just test by pushing in not screwing back or you will get wrong readings

yamaha ybr oil test dip change
yamaha ybr oil test dip change 

Yamaha YBR 125 oil - 10w 40 use the best you can find .

i use C
astrol 10w 40 buy it here on Ebay uk or here on Amazon UK 

if you are losing engine oil or topping up regular youll need to find source of leak/loss , engine joints
oil seals , gasket failure if not the engine itself could be burning off oil , check for white smoke .


yamaha tyre wheel service maintenance

check tyres for correct pressure (cold)  , correct tread depth and overall good condition no tears to side wall
etc , check the valve condition also as this is major cause of flat tyres .

Yamaha YBR 125 tyre pressures Front 25 psi , rear 29 psi .
Yamaha YBR 125 tyre sizes ED model ( front 2.75-18 42P ) ( rear 90/90-18 57P )
Yamaha YBR 125 custom ( front 3.00-18 47P ) ( rear 3.50-16 58P )

Yamaha ybr 125 tyres on Ebay uk here or Amazon uk here

Brake fluid checks  ( DOT 4 )

yamaha brake chain  tyre wheel service maintenance

this is something that a lot of people neglect , change your brake fluid regular i hate seeing bikes
with filthy brake fluid , flush it out keep it clean ! .

if your fluid is low check brake pads as they are most likely worn , do not top up fluid until
new pads are fitted.

if you are having to top up fluid regular , then there is a leak and this will need to be found and repaired.

check operation of the brake both of them before riding the bike on the road .

Yamaha YBR 125 brake fluid on Ebay uk and on Amazon UK 

Suspension , steering and drive chain 

yamaha brake chain  tyre wheel service maintenance

check the forks and shocks for any leaks and correct operation , any damage etc to seals .
check steering move freely and is not grinding or affecting the cables especially the throttle .
check chain is not too loose and is set as per workshop manual .
lubricate chain if necessary .

find fork seals , fork oil , drive chains etc here on Ebay UK  

Other checks 

yamaha brake chain  tyre wheel service maintenance

lights and indicators , check all bulbs make sure they a functioning , check the horn as well .
check speedo and rev counter work .
check the throttle grip operates smoothly 
check brake levels , gear lever , clutch levers all operate as they should lubricate if needed .
check engine kill switch operates 
check the stand spring hold stand in a safe position 
check fuel level 
check for fuel leakages 

need any Yamaha YBR 125 Parts try on Ebay uk or Amazon UK

yamaha brake chain  tyre wheel service maintenance

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