Friday, 11 July 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 Engine removal

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This engine has a rumble , not sure of exact problem yet hence why its being removed , 
ill do an engine strip down post on this engine .

this si how i took it out not so professional , i aint got a ramp any more had to sell it last year 
, saving for one now so it makes it easier if you have one , also it might be better to do it slightly different 
we all have different methods and most of the time i do thing slightly different myself .

easy job , minimal tool ( no fairing which is great !! ) , the only problems i see is 
mixing wires up ive had a few bikes bought to me with fault codes for fault on injector and all its been is 
mixed up wiring , so becareful if you remove wiring to note which goes to which .
injector wiring connectors are both black !! 

ill add some captions later .

                                          Disconnect the battery

unplug fuel hoses and electrical connectors to remove tank 

undo exhaust bolts , very careful as these can shear 
off and cause problems !! if they are tight work them out 
forwards and backward slowly .

Drop oil if not already done so 

slacken and remove clutch lever cable at lever
and engine 

undo all wiring 

undo front engine mount bolts

undo airfilter and inlet manifold and move out of way#remove altogether 
is even better

rag inside the inlet to prevent items entering 

undo the remaining engine mount bolts and wiring connectors 

dont forget to remove starter lead cable 

upper engine mount 

thats about it easy , lower engine to floor job done 

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  1. Yeah you made that hard for yourself. No need to remove tank or seat or have a fight with the fuel line, or disconect the cable to the starter, as far as I can remember from the last 20 or so of these I done it's 4 wire connections. 1 for the temp sender 3 for the ignition drop the starter on the floor undo rear mounting bolts pop the carb / throttle body off its rubber chuck the exhaust off, take the front mounting bracket to frame bolts only leave the bracket on th engine then it's 1 mounting bolt at the top an it wiggles out in yer hand. Wee engine is so light I can stick me in rucksack and deliver them on my bike!

    1. Yeah it could be done a lot faster , i tend to go over the top a bit , thanks for
      adding to the post .

  2. Hello! Could you tell me how to to remove the footrest?
    I searched a lot of sites but couldn't find description. Thank's a lot!

    1. im pretty sure its just one or 2 bolts easy to do and does not require engine removal or anything that harsh , this post shows you a bit better