Friday, 11 July 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 Top End Removal ( Cylinder barrel , piston and head )

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Yamaha YBR 125 Top End Removal ( Cylinder barrel , piston and head )

ill ad captions later , but heres a post on removing the top end , cylinder head and piston from the yamaha ybr 125 , quite easy even in the bike .

                                             Side timing chain cover removed  
                                          all main top end bolts loosened and  removed

undoing the top cam bolt whilst holding the crank nut tight
slack off and remove the chain tensioning assembly

                                    remove the timing gear but catch the chain

                                    i tie the chain so it not just failling into the lower section

                                                          cylinder head  removed

                                     you may need to tap the cylinder in a few places to dislodge it
                                        use a soft mallet .

                                     remove circlip knock out piston pin and remove piston
                                       job done and very easy to do

Check for damage and replace any suspect parts with new parts 

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  1. Hi could you give detail as to how to pull the camshalf without using any special tools

    1. i have took one out but it was not pretty , i used a slide hammer .

      the engine i worked on was on a burnt out bike so cam could of warped , but it was very hard to get out , it might be easier on a normal engine .