Monday, 18 August 2014

Yamaha YBR clean up your chrome , pitted forks , rear rack etc .

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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Yamaha YBR clean up your chrome , pitted forks , rear rack etc .

it amazes me how many chrome parts are replaced when just a good clean up would do .

heres how i clean up my chrome that is in a bad way , but its always best to protect your chrome in the first place

Protecting the YBR 125 chrome in the first place 

first of all keep your bike covered over all the time , i see many YBR 125 and the difference is amazing 
between a dry stored YBR and one left out in the rain and elements .
Every nut and bolt is effected , rusts and affects the wiring connectors too .
keep your bike dry stored or even under a cover is better than nothing

you can then spray with WD40 which is what i do or you can use Carnauba wax .

Carnauba wax   Ebay uk , Amazon UK

Cleaning your Yamaha YBR 125 chrome  .

first of all i clean the part thoroughly with a sponge and hot water / washing up liquid mix .

this can sometimes clean chrome up suprisingly well on it own , do not use a scouring pad as it will
scratch the chrome surface leaving it looking terrible use the sponge side  .

i then dry the chrome part , spray with wd40 and go over the lot with a very fine wire wool
so fine it does not scratch the surface it just removes the pitting and rusty scabs .

i then use metal polish to finish .

it takes a a fair bit of effort but the result are are excellent , and cheaper than replacing parts .

this is the wire wool i buy it a long roll , its excellent stuff well worth buying a large roll if you
have a lot of motorbikes .

Liberon 1kg ultra fine 0000 wire wool 

this is the metal polish i always use .

Autosol Metal polish 

or here on Amazon UK

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