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Yamaha YBR 125 G , off road , green laning .

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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Yamaha YBR 125 G

The YBR125G is a motorcycle with the power to take you where you want to go. It will even take you around the world if you have the time and money - if you don't belive us check these guys out!  The 125cc range embodies the values of freedom, fun and fulfilment, each one built with the same passion that comes from decades of competing and winning at the highest level.
Eager to please, this punchy 4-stroke will happily propel you around city streets, back roads and single tracks. Its smooth fuel injection, five-speed gearbox and off road features make it the perfect dual-sport bike. It features a strong engine with engine guard, handle guards, an off-road front fender and powerful front suspensions for a perfect on and off-road ride.
Benefiting from a light, diamond-shaped chassis, the YBR125G offers controlled handling and effective suspension for a reassuring ride. Braking comes courtesy of a front disc and rear drum brake, and a sculpted dual seat guarantees comfort. The off-road guards, higher front fender and block pattern tire make it an ideal ride to take off-road.
Built for easy-going performance and reliability, the YBR125G won't let you down wherever you are. Covering every need from simple economy to custom luxury, they'll take you places other 125s wouldn't dare.

Lightweight, diamond-shaped chassis with roomy dual seat

Yamaha YBR 125 G Red
Weighing in at 117 kg, the diamond-shaped steel chassis of the YBR125 G is rugged yet lightweight.  The combination delivers assured road and off-road handling and easy steering, as well as great suspension for a more comfortable ride. The sculpted dual seat offers plenty of space to find a comfortable riding position that works for you whether you're riding solo or with a passenger. 
Overall length x width x height is: 1980mm x 745mm x 1050(1120)mm
Seat height is: 785mm

Economical 4-stroke, fuel-injected engine

Yamaha YBR 125 G Engine
The outstanding YBR125 engine is more than capable of handling rough roads and paved roads. 
The engine can be started easily with either the electric system or with a kick start. 
The YBR 125 G runs a air-cooled, 4-stroke, 2 valve, fuel-injected engine bringing the dual benefits of cutting back on emissions and delivering a smooth throttle response. 
Maximum horse power is 7.1kw / 7000-8000rpm and the maximum torque is 8.0N.m / 5500-6500rpm.
The YBR 125 G has a 12 Liter fuel capacity giving it plenty of fuel for an exciting ride.

Engine Guard

Yamaha YBR 125 G Engine Guard
A device designed to protect the engine from damage and scratches caused by flying gravel, muddy water and other objects during brutal road trips.
The engine is very important for those riders that wish to take their motorcycle off-road but it can be also very usefull for those riders that wish to use their bike for long on-road trips. The engine guard can be modify to include foot pegs and provide a more relax posture. 

Smooth braking

Yamaha YBR 125 G Disk Break
The YBR 125 G comes with a powerful front disc brake. The disc break quickly diffuses heat, stable even with lightweight passengers and effective in muddy water. The front disk break provides additional safety and more breaking power.
A powerful 245 mm single-disc front brake works in tandem with a 130 mm drum rear brake to deliver smooth, effective stopping even in long or challenging rides. 

Clear analogue instrument panel with RPM meter

Yamaha YBR 125 G Tachometer
The YBR 125G employs a large, high-visibility meter panel inherited from YAMAHA’S sports models. The YBR125 G instrumentation includes an RPM meter, to help make best use of the engine's power, plus a speedometer. A fuel gauge completes the easy-to-read dash setup.
It also includes a user-friendly push-to-cancel flasher switch. The new switch types were ergonomically developed, integrating functionality with design.


Yamaha YBR 125 G HeadlightThe headlight is installed with an anti-collision fender stay. This is effective in preventing damage to the headlight from crashes.
An additional, modification can be made using the collision fender and a wire mesh to protect the lamp from fling rocks that might break it. 


Yamaha YBR 125 G Handle Cover
Specially installed handle covers that will prevent hands from being injured from thorny bushes or from falls.
The guard provides protection to your YBR 125 G.  Even a small and insignificant fall can end with a broken lever and do believe me that it is no picnic to get stuck in the middle of  nowhere becouse of a broken clutch leve
You can not ignore the fact that handguards gives your YBR 125 G the right "cool" look.

Front Fender

Yamaha YBR 125 G Front Fender
YAMAHA designed a special double-fender for rough road models. The two-tiered design increases the efficiency of the fender’s performance and can effectively prevent mud from being trapped compared to a traditional single fender.
The higher fender provides additional protection capturing mud and rocks that the front wheel lift while riding off-road.

Front Suspension

Yamaha YBR 125 G Front suspension
Powerful shock absorbers that perform well over time. Effectively reduces vibrations and provides a smooth riding feel.
The suspension of the YBR 125 G provides that perfect feeling both on-road and off-road making it the ideal dual sport machine.

Alloy wheels & Block Pattern Tire

Yamaha YBR 125 G Star Spoke WheelYamaha YBR 125 G Wheel

The YBR125 G's new “star-shaped” design with a 5-spoke cast alloy wheels don't just look good, by minimising unsprung weight they contribute to the bike's lightweight and agile handling. The robust material is durable even when riding on rough roads.
YAMAHA used an especially designed block pattern tire on the YBR 125G. It ensures the perfect traction on sand, mud dirt and it will not burst on mountain rocks, shrubs or gravel.


YBR125G Touring Adventure in Puerto Galera, Philippines

Yamaha YBR 125 G Tour  

Yamaha YBR 125 G off roading , green laning 


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