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Yamaha YBR 125 Buyers guide

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An Overview of the Yamaha YBR 125

The Yamaha YBR 125 is a popular choice for an attractive economical bike, which has great ease of use. It is a popular commuter bike, likely because the fuel injection system provides respectable power without compromising fuel economy. The YBR 125 is considered to be one of the most popular and successful lightweight machines produced by the Japanese manufacturing giant.
The models have been revisited and revised with different editions. For example, the 2010 model has a new cover for the fuel tank, which creates a more muscular aesthetic. The instrument panel on this model also feels more aerodynamic, while the analogue instruments retain that classic style.
The Yamaha YBR 125 has a comfortable and spacious dual seat, which provides excellent space for both rider and a passenger. There is a secure grab handle for passengers to hold for increased stability and confidence. This model is both fun and cheap to run. The model has earned a reputation for reliability and with low insurance costs, it makes a great choice for bike experts or those with a little less experience.

Buying a Used Yamaha on eBay

Buying a used Yamaha YBR 125 on eBay uk offers the potential for a securing a great bargain. However, there are some basic precautions, which should be taken to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new purchase.

Compare Local and Nationwide Prices

While you may keep a keen eye on the pricing trends of used, new, or, custom motorcycles, the pricing trends can vary a great deal from one geographical area to another. Some areas have more fluctuation to their price trends, which can mean that while the prices in your local area are stable, you may secure a bargain from another area of the country. The options on the left hand side of the search results screen, allow you to filter the results according to distance to a particular zip code or view nationwide results.

Check Seller Feedback

The eBay feedback system is designed to provide confidence for both the seller and buyer. While you may have purchased smaller items from a low rated seller, the purchase of a Yamaha Motorcycle is a potentially expensive transaction, so you need complete confidence in the seller. Check that the seller has favorable amount of ratings and positive feedback. You can also see if sellers usually have this type of transaction. For example, they may have previously sold used bike parts, which suggests that they know their motorcycles. If this is the first time the seller has listed a big-ticket item, you may be a little wary.

Check the Details of the Listing

Most sellers will provide a comprehensive listing with plenty of photographs. Ideally all of the information you need will be contained in the listing. However, if there is some information missing, ask the seller. Additionally, while the photographs may cover all sides and angles of the motorcycle, if you are seriously interested, don't be afraid to ask for additional photographs, so you are sure of the details.

Have the Bike Inspected

While there are online resources to check the paperwork side of the motorcycle, if you are seriously interested, it can be worthwhile have an inspection completed. This can be easily arranged with a local mechanic and can provide you with confidence that the motorcycle is as advertised before you commit to buy. Remember that the fraud protection policy does provide up to £20,000 of protection in cases of seller dishonesty


If you are purchasing from another area of the country, collection may not be feasible. There are many companies who offer professional motorcycle shipping services. If you need to have the bike shipped, be sure to speak to the seller to confirm they are amenable to this. You will need to ensure that the seller is aware of the collection window available from your shipping company, so that they can be on site to release the item. It is also well worth paying a little extra to ensure that the motorcycle is fully insured against any transit damage.


Buying a Yamaha YBR 125 on eBay can be a great way to get an amazing deal. While the price trends in your local area may be fairly static, you may locate a bargain in another area of the country, where prices fluctuate. With all of the resources available on the eBay seller listing, it is easy to complete a transaction with confidence. However, don't be rushed into an impulse purchase. Although this can be tempting, you need to ensure that you fully research your options and avoid disappointment.

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