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Yamaha YBR 125 , Yamaha FI diagnostics Tool Scanner Machine

Yamaha YBR 125 , Yamaha FI diagnostics

Yamaha YBR 125 workshop manual

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Yamaha FI diagnostics machine , it just arrived this mourning , only had it 2 hours and not used it to its full extent but ran through a few live tests .
and its excellent i have to admit its probably not needed as most of the tests can be done without it
but wheres the fun in that !!

for the price i cannot fault it ! .

Yamaha YBR 125 , Yamaha FI diagnostics

the manual is not very clear on how to connect and use this so it was a bit trial and error .

How to connect the FI diagnostics to Yamaha YBR 125

this is how i did it anyway correct me if i make any mistakes in comments 

-first turn key to off positon 
Yamaha YBR 125 , Yamaha FI diagnostics

-disconnect the fuel injection pump wiring connector block 
Yamaha YBR 125 , Yamaha FI diagnostics

-remove side panel and split the light green Ecu-Diagnostics connector block
Yamaha YBR 125 , Yamaha FI diagnostics
-connect yamaha FI unit to wire and the battery leads to + and - terminals 
-press and hold mode button down 
-turn key to on position
-display on Yamaha FI unit should now read Diag .

your now connected flick through the modes and do some tests .

this is as far as i have gone so far , i gone through and done all individual test all of which ill write below .

as i learn more ill update this post so keep tuned !! .

Fuel System diagnostic codes tests 

D01- throttle angle fully closed 14~20   fully open 97-107
move throttle from open to closed and check reading

D03- Intake air pressure - crank engine and check for reading change 

D05 - Intake air temperature , check by measurement 

D06 - coolant temp -not needed on YBR 125 

D07- speed sensor - turn wheel i did not check this not sure if this is needed ?? ill check next time

D08- Tip sensor voltage check , upright voltage 0.4to 1.2 

D09-Voltage supply - 12v 

D20- side stand switch check 

D21- neutral switch check 

D30 - check operation of coil Press MODE , and it will fire 5 times sparks

D36 -  fuel injector , press mode will pulse the injector 5 times

D51 - cooling fan relay , checks operation of fan

D52 - headlight relay , checks operation of the relay , it should click and light headlamp 5 times

D54 - fast idle solenoid , checks operation of solenoid , you should hear its operation and see engine light 5 times

D60 - EEPROM 01-00 when no fault

D61 - fault code history 12-50 00 when no fault

D62 - fault code history 00 - 16

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