Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yamaha YBR 125 Tuning , how fast ?

Yamaha YBR 125 was not designed for speed , but for reliability and economy , which is why i bought one for , i have not fitted any of these parts to my bikes but they are are out there and i might do one day just for fun .

here is some that i know of probably lots more if you can add anything or have tuning information
for the yamaha ybr 125 then post below .

obviously there is the exhaust not sure if these improve speed any but they look and sound a lot better .

buy one here on ebay uk   

Amazon UK do a Sports exhaust for the YBR 125 as well buy it here , see photos below .

You can also get big bore cylinder barrels to increase bore from 125cc to 150cc

you can buy them only on ebay uk as far as i can tell , buy them here .

ive not been able to find any performance air filter for the Yamaha ybr 125 so if anyone know of
any link below in the posts please .

i did find this though during my search for info claim  15% bhp increase ?



  1. Need carefully set up when over bored, Fi engine is very hard to get past the flat spots. Exhaust is more than likely the biggest waste of money as I am sure you have noticed the port in the head is very small. Have gas flowed a head which brought with it its own set of problems (ignition adjustment is not very easy) but yields moderate gains without causing any harm to the reliability. But the suspension, brakes and poor choice in tyres are the biggest limiting factor to going fast on a ybr!

    1. suspension brakes and tyres. any suggestion to improve the speed ...

  2. how much is the horsepower difference for the chip?